Baseus Audio Case for iPhone 7/8 Plus Red


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    Baseus Audio Case for iPhone 7/8 Plus Red

    Manufacturer: Baseus

    • Model: Audio Case

    • Factory number: WIAPIPH8P-VI15

    <span style=”color: inherit;”>• 1.5A (Amperage): Ensures a respectable charging rate.</span>

    • Facilitates data transfer: The design ensures that the audio case would not have to be removed when making use of data cables or Apple CarPlay.

    • Secondary features:

    • Dual Apple Lightning port design: Simultaneously supports charging and audio functions (such as earphones which have the Apple Lightning connector).

    • Embedded Apple lighting port: Eliminates the use of a micro USB, users only need an Apple Lightning cable to charge when utilising the case which offers greater convenience.

    • Smart decoding chip: Facilitates high definition sound transmission.

    • Camera Protection: The case is uniquely designed to protect the iPhone’s camera from scratches, as the cover is 0.3mm higher than the lens.

    • No ‘chin’ design: Eliminating the lower protruding ‘chin’ of the cover provides users with an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and seamless design.

    • Sleek design: The cover is incredibly thin, with a slight increase to the thickness in the lower area containing the audio components.

    • Anti-slip vertical texture design: Vertical grooves ensure a considerate increase in grip.

    • Anti-finger/smudge TPU exterior: Anti-fingerprint coating reduces fingerprint visibility.

    • Hard material: The TPU rubber-like border around the chassis of the case absorbs considerable amounts of shock, is durable and easy to remove.

    • Soft material: The PC (polycarbonate) plastic in the rear of the case provides protection to the internal hardware components.

    • Please note: The ‘dual interface’ function does not support connecting two data cables/ chargers or earphones at the same time.

    • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 7/8 Plus


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