Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer


    Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer


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    Depilatory specifically for men
    Easy to use
    close to the hair at the base, yet gentle
    Compact tool handy accessories,
    stronger hairs are
    built-in LED light
    more precise than a hair clipper
    is ideal for nose and ear hair removal is
    simply ritkíthatja and keep in shape for his beard and his eyebrows are
    a gift beauty case men Maybe after közvetelenül haircut looks great, but a few days and this will be no sign of perfection. The barge Leno, and the neck is also soon appear in the shredding. The Micro Touch Max male hair removal is a great solution to this problem, too! painlessly get rid of unwanted hairs, even in sensitive areas such as the eyebrows, but a larger surfaces, such as the chest, especially men developed Micro Touch with Max.The built-in LED light, the stronger engine and larger are all guarantees that you two haircuts in perfect shape, hold the barkóját, ritkítsa beard, or get rid of the hair, the back of his neck. By the time you can use the Micro Touch Max hair removal: – the armpit – the chest – the lower abdomen – the face – eyebrows – to the ark – the neck – the ear – nose depilation. Micro Touch Max men Hair Removal Advantages: Small head areas safely szőrteleníthet where the razor is less secure scissors is unavailable. Micro Touch Max LED lamp allows even more precise you can see the depilated area you want. A straight and evenly to keep the barkóját and the back of his head of hair, as if he had come out of the fordásztól. suitable accessories for various body parts epilating or hair thinning . was close to the hair at the base, like a razor, yet gentle to the skin. The Micro Touch Max is the ideal tool for ear or nose hair removal, additional head thanks. strong enough to allow the thicker hairs cut it, yet gentle, like an electric razor. Small head finer than a hair clippers, safety and ease of use. More or less hair, you can remove the use.batteries (included), so you do not have to hassle with wires either. measure approximately the size of a pen, making it easy to take with you when traveling as well.Gifts for Men beauty case the Micro Touch Max Package Contents: 1 x Micro Touch Max


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