VR Box Virtual Reality 3D Headset


    VR Box Virtual Reality 3D Headset


    VR BOX Overview and Specifications:

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    VR BOX Price in Pakistan
    VR-BOX Professional Edition 3D Virtual Reality Vr Google video glasses, support to ios, android, Windows Smart Phone. Feature: * The 3D glasses is made of environment friendly and ABS resin. Design fully closed. * Adjustable distance between mobile phone and lens. Suitable for different people, adjustable for each user. * Suitable for mobile phones 4,7-6,0polegadas — No more robust moive. Wonderful 3D experience. 3D glass, you can enjoy the same 3D experience at home with your beloved phone. * For Android + iOS phone: The system does not need to be attached to any external hardware, as all processors to drive the 3D experience are already built into most phones, Which means that you have absolute freedom of movement and are not restricted to any cables. * It allows you to walk to experience virtual reality in all its beautiful glory 3D So now you can enjoy 3D movies with an Android or IOS private phone. * It goes to 90% of smartphones on the market. all brands, such as Samsung iPhone, lg, htc, etc and size under 163 mm * 83 mm (L * W). * It will bring for simulating screen as big as 2-3 metros wide and you will enjoy your movie experience. Specification: Material: High quality ABS + PC Dimensions: 170 * 120 * 105 mm Weight: 330 g Visual Angle: 100% Image setting: 99% Screen size: 1050 polegada Lens: high-definition aspheric surface (zero harm to the eye) Lens size: 42mm shading color: 0% Field of view / FOV: Level How to use it? 1. Putting your smartphone in Then Open 3D applications / games / movies 2. Close goggles 3. Place the glasses on your head. 4. Set the lens to suit your students, make sure the screen is clear and you feel comfortable.


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